I’m Stephanie!


 I’m a wedding/elopement and portrait photographer, currently living in the middle of nowhere Missouri- near Kansas City! I love traveling, dogs, brownie batter, sleeping in, morning snuggles, and of course I am always a big fan of laughing and soaking in those types of moments that can’t be captured with a camera.

The thing I love most about being a photographer, is becoming friends with all of the couples and individuals that I get the opportunity to work with. Making connections, sharing laughs, tears, and the most intimate moments of life. That’s what I love. We are created to create, and my ultimate goal is to create WITH you and not FOR you.

I want to get to know you, be your friend, get messy, capture the unexpected, eat good food, and play with your dog. I want everything about being your wedding photographer to be nothing about being a photographer at all, and simply about making a  genuine connection with you and running with it.

So let’s run with this together! Go Say Hello!