Hey, I'm Stephanie!

    Kansas City, MO is home base for me, and I am dang proud to call it my city! Something about living in the literal center of the USA, makes me feel like KCMO is not only a home base, but an end base. Currently I am living in Little Rock, Arkansas, which means I am away from home base right now, but considering the fact I love to travel the world, this new adventure is worth living for! I grew up as an independent thinker, with a heart molded by art, a mind sculpted by science, and with a desire to help others first and create second. With this came my goal to create with you and not just for you.

    Random enough, I didn’t always want to be a wedding photographer. I spent majority of my life pursuing medical school, and summed up that journey in 2017 when I got my masters in Biomedical Science. I pretty much realized, making rad art as an equality minded chick and running my own business was WAY more my league #bless.

    Other than being a dog lady (golden retrievers for life) and a scientist-turned-photog, I am also one of twelve children in my family. Growing up as 1/12 children from a blended family, I’d like to think I was inevitably born to handle the wedding crazies. It’s pretty much instinct to stay calm and collected in a room of 100+ people, and sadly it’s also instinct to eat before all of the good food is gone. So if you see me smashing cake, don’t judge me- I can’t help myself. At this point the only leverage I have with you is to say “Hire me so I can party with you, talk about dogs, and eat your wedding desserts.” What else could you ever want in a wedding photographer? Contact me to chat more!


    If you'd love to find out more about what I can do for you, just hit the contact button over there to the right!

    "Stephanie is hands down one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day!"

    "Stephanie is very professional, responsive, upbeat, and has a way of making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera."

    Stephanie Nachtrab is an all inclusive, equality minded, Little Rock, Arkansas wedding photographer who serves the greater central Arkansas area as well as the surrounding midwest cities and states such as Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri. Stephanie’s ability to creatively and intentionally tell stories reaches far beyond the scope of wedding photography, but also excels into engagement and couple photography. Though Little Rock, Arkansas is home to this photographer, her love for travel allows her to photograph across the U.S. and worldwide. Midwest native x wherever you are photographer!